Sunday, September 12, 2010

Picture Post

Ava coming home from the NICU on June 10th, 2010

Ava September 10th, 2010, 3 months later!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blowout sale! is having a BIG blowout sale in honor of Labor Day!! This has become one of my favorite sites for great deals on baby/toddler and other great items for moms to be and new mamas! They also have great deals on gear for baby.  So run over to before all the deals are gone!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Picture post

June 5th 2010
Coming home from the NICU

September 5th 2010
Look at that round face

I'm pretty sure my insurance hates me now

SO every single bill is now in from my pregnancy/the twins birth/NICU stay....and the total....drumroll....613,000...well thats a few Bentleys or BMW's, this does not even count the years of fertility treatments or ultimately IVF.  Thank goodness for insurance(well not for IVF, but thats a whole other issue)!! My babies are worth every single penny and I would have paid anything as long as they are healthy and happy! But WOW I have never seen that amount on a bill. 

Quick Breakdown:
IVF: 17,000+
My pregnancy related expenses: over 100,000
Ava's NICU stay: about 300,000
Landon's NICU stay: about 250,000

I like to think that their little isolettes in the NICU were as nice as a Presidential Suite in a Las Vegas hotel that runs for 8K a night!!

I am just glad we have great insurance and cap out at 6,750.

Could someone please explain....

So I do not understand why there can't be a standardized baby clothing scale, I get so confused with every brand having a different way of sizing everything,  So Landon is roughly probably 14ish lbs now and he is almost 4 months old, but adjusted age of 2 months.  So while he fits in some 0-3 because it fits larger such as Circo from Target, but is in some 6 month when it is Carters????WHAT THE WHAT!! Why can't it be a standard thing.  Everything should either be 0-3, 3-6, or they should stick with 3,6 etc. Or just plain put the weight range.  I mean everything else baby is confusing enough why should clothes be too.  So now my 4 month/2 month old baby is wearing a 6 month old pair of pants because its from carters...I'm just saying...

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is my hubby's 27th birthday, my how so much has changed in one year, now he has TWO babies to celebrate with him today!! Last year I think we were getting our IVF calendar together and ordering meds and getting all geared up for the IVF roller coaster, I think we even talked about if next year we would have a baby(ies) by his birthday...WOW!

Im sure we will lounge around today and celebrate where our life is at this very moment, maybe take the babes on a walk with the pups, just hang out as a family. I just can't believe that at this year last time it was just a hope/thought, that maybe we would have a family in 2010! And now we do, thank goodness for modern science and the abilities of all of our doctors! I am so very thankful for my hubby and the daddy that he is today on his birthday!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Wow being a mommy of twins is both so tiring and so fun! Mainly the tiring part is probably working two days a week and for some reason I am more tired from working then when I take care of Ava and Landon all week long! It seems to take me a day to recover before I have my energy back.

While I would love to just say um...I think I want to stay home and play with babies all day it just is not financially feaseable for us right now, I have to work. Maybe sometime in the future it will be but right now it just isnt. Working is nice, I get to have "adult time" and I get to see my work family, but I love MY family more!

Ava and Landon are amazingly great babies, they are sleeping about 8 hours at night which is awesome and both really don't fuss unless they are tired/hungry/dirty. Other then that they are pretty much smiles and giggles all day long. My days are seeming so busy these days, I swear if I have a day where I don't have to go anywhere I might die of shock. It seems I always need to go to Target/grocery shopping/costco/dr. appointments/mall/babies r us...and the list goes on and on and on.

I love the days where we all lounge in our PJ's and watch reruns of Rachel Zoe on Bravo!! I really should get better about blogging to keep everyone updated and now that we seem to be heading towards a schedule I probably will be able to.

Here is the Twins latest picture from their 3 month photoshoot!