Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Recap

We got to have two Thanksgivings this year, one over at my Grandma's house on the other side of the state the weekend before Thanksgiving and then our Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving at my hubby's parents house.

Landon fell in love with a cat at my Grandma's house and now he meows when you ask him what a kitty says, it's probably the cutest thing ever.  I only got a few pictures and I don't have my good camera with me so you get Iphone pictures ;)

I love that our families get along enough to have one BIG Thanksgiving, instead of having to run all over the day of to make it to all of the Thanksgiving dinners, we get to relax at one house all day with both families! We are truly lucky, I know this. 

Landon and Ava got to actually eat turkey and all the good this year! They devoured their turkey and promptly went into a turkey coma as I called it. 


Mom, my belly is FULL!
Soon after the turkey coma wore off they were up and going again, there is no resting in my house anymore, these toddlers are full on toddlers and showing it these days!
We mainly just relaxed as a family all Thanksgiving weekend, I ventured out a little on Black Friday and got a few deals at Baby Gap but nothing crazy, I mean people were lining up at our Best Buy two days before Thansgiving! Daddy went hunting and my sister and I played all day long with the twins!

We got our tree on Sunday, but it is sitting in our living room waiting to be decorated.  Hopefully I can get that done tonight (fingers crossed). 

The twins also had their 18 month appointment on the 16th in which neither of them gained any weight so we have to go back in 3 months instead of 6 months to see if we just caught them before a growth spurt.  Ava weighed in at 22 lb and 32 inches long and Landon at 27 lbs and 33 inches long.  She is petite and he is a football player like daddy!

We have 18/19 month photos coming up next week and I am super excited about them!! Well thats pretty much all thats been going on here, now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I am in FULL ON CHRISTMAS MODE! Shopping, wrapping, decorating, baking; you name it I love it all during the holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011


I used and you'll have to trust me on this becuase I dont know how to lift the pictures, but the winner is 12 which is
Corinne I will be emailing you but if you don't hear from me please email me at

realizationsofatwinmama [at] gmail [dot] com

Thanks to everyone who entered!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

6 Years Ago 11/11/05

I put on the white dress

My dad walked me down the aisle

I said I do to the love of my life

And since then we have lived, learned and loved life together.

We have had our ups and downs and life has been somewhat of a roller coaster at times but we have always been on the ride together.  Through job changes and infertility, purchasing a house and bringing home two babies at the same time! We have seen a lot in our 6 years as a married couple (10 years together).

We may have been young when we tied the knot, but we have made it through day by day!

Here's to many, many more years!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The One Where I Tell YOU About AWESOME Christmas Cards and a GIVEAWAY

Make sure you make it to the bottom of this post for an EXCITING GIVEAWAY!!

Every year about this time we are bombarded with everything Christmas, if you are like me you soak up every minute of the holiday season! I love everything about the holidays, the lights, the colors, the warm fuzzy feeling buying gifts for those you love just knowing that it is the perfect item for them!!

Then there are the goodies!  The cookies and egg nog and wonderfully made Christmas dinners that consists of all of your favorites that are reserved for Christmas time even though they could be made throughout the year!  Every year I make these really amazing Cherry Chocolate kiss cookies that I only make during the holiday season! We also always head up to Whistler for a family vacation full of skiing and family fun and now with the twins the holidays have only gotten better!

And don't even get me started on Christmas cards, O how I love Christmas cards! The time where my fridge plays host to all of my family and friends and pictures of their families!  I love displaying Christmas cards throughout my home, I read every card and letter that come in the mail come Christmas time! They make me feel warm and fuzzy inside seeing everyone I love in my home, albeit in photos!

When I discovered that Tiny Prints was going to be offering a Christmas card deal for bloggers I got very excited! I sat down at my computer and started browsing their collections, just imagining every card with my babies faces smiling on them.  Would I chose a single family picture card or a card where I could put 3,4 or even more pictures on it since we all know I love photos of my kids!

Christmas Cards Be Merry - Front : Fern
Like this one with bright happy colors!

Christmas Cards Candy Cane Square - Front : Winterberry
or this more traditional card
Christmas Cards Christmas Cutout - Front : Bright Red
this one is really fun to me

Christmas Cards Yappy Howlidays - Front : Wasabi
or you can showcase your furbaby
Right now I think the top one if the front runner for my top pick! I can put a picture of Landon and Ava and then a family picture as well! But with sooooo many to choose from it's hard to make up my mind!

Now those are only a few of the 100's they have available HERE!

If you are a blogger and you too are interested in taking part of Tiny Prints 50 free Christmas or Holiday cards head right over HERE and sign up to take part in the fun!!

Also if you do sign up leave me a comment letting me know you did, so I can hopefully get a few amazing address labels this year too!

Also if you have kids, Tiny Prints is offering a one day only promotion on November 9th where you can receive a FREE card to your kids from Santa! Visit the Tiny Prints Facebook page to find out how to personalize one of the following greeting cards FREE:Checking It Twice or Santa’s Scroll. Hurry! This offer ends 11/9/11 at 11:59 pm (PT).

Tiny Prints would also like to offer the chance for one of my readers to win 50 Tiny Print Christmas cards of their own! So you too can choose a wonderful card from their site!

To enter this giveaway:
(Leave one comment for each entry)

- You must be a public follower of my blog and let me know by leaving a comment (1 entry)
- Visit Tiny Prints and tell me what Christmas card you would choose if you won (1 entry)

Extra Chance:
- Tweet about this giveaway "I entered @mama2twinsies @Tinyprints Christmas card giveaway and you can too"(1 entry)

I will draw the winner and announce them on Monday November 14th!!
*In exchange for this post Tiny Prints is offering me 50 free Christmas/holiday cards.  All opinions are my own and I have purchased from Tiny Prints in the past and have been extremely pleased with their quality and style.

Friday, November 4, 2011

AWESOME Iphone Case giveaway!

So Fee over at It won't be like this for long is doing an awesome giveaway for a $50.00 Prints + Paperie credit to get a custom Iphone case!

I JUST got an Iphone, I know...I know.  I was always locked in with Verizon and then had just gotten an upgrade before they FINALLY got the Iphone awhile back so when I was eligible for an upgrade a week after Apple released the Iphone 4S it was fate that I was supposed to get it...right...right!!

Well I am letting you know about this awesome giveaway so that you can go enter but also so I get a couple of more entries because I REALLY REALLY want this case!

So head over here and don't enter...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seriously Thursday

What made you go SERIOUSLY this week, if you would like to participate head over to Becky's blog and join in on the fun!
1.  Seriously! It is November...which means Christmas shopping, which I love!

2.  Seriously, all day yesterday I felt like I was getting a cold, this morning I woke up with a killer headache.  So that just means my weekend will probably be spent with me not feeling so hot...great.

3. The twins are flipping almost 18 months old! 18 MONTHS! I mean now were edging closer to 2 then 1.  This makes me happy and sad.

4.  Can I just hate how ABC decides that to keep us all in suspense by making us wait for 2 weeks to see a new episode.  Revenge is pretty much my new favorite show and last night they say the next new episode will air Nov. 16th...BOO ABC BOO! They do that with Greys too which means I will probably have nothing to watch next week.

5.  Can I just say I am not surprised about Kim K's divorce, while sad I find it funny that she keeps releasing statements.  Who does that.  Most celebs who file for a divorce give the ole "Please repect our privacy" statement, while she keeps releasing statement after statement about marrying for love and she didn't make any money and yada yada yada.

6.  So Lindsey Lohan is going back to jail AGAIN, but I heard out of the 30 days she is supposed to serve she may serve 6 which may turn into a few hours....I mean of course she thinks she is above the law, they keep letting her out as soon as she gets in. 

7.  Becky made my Thursday just so you know! I won her giveaway for Stella & Dot and I am super excited! Thanks girl!

Okay well thats all I have folks.  I'm off to work!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So this is where I say sorry for being a bad blogger...

My days lately have been busy and full and by the time the end of the day rolls around when I used to be able to write up posts and upload pictures I am just plain tired.  So blogging has fallen off for a little bit.  The twins have become so busy and are now down to one nap a day so I either spend my day working at the office or chasing my toddlers around the house and playing.  Our weekends have been taken up by family and now that we are getting into the holiday season they are only bound to become busier. 

So I am sorry for practically falling off the face of the earth and hopefully I can find a little time here and there to do a better job of keeping this up.

Well in the past month we have been busy.

* We bought a new car, a 2010 Tahoe we needed more space, it was getting to the point I could fit the stroller and nothing else so thankfully we have room for everyone and everything again.  However, it was weird to get rid of the first car I owned when we got married/bought a house/brought the twins home in.

* We celebrated my 25th birthday with dinner out as a family simple but I wouldn't have had it any other way.

* We are getting used to daddy working late 2 nights a week, of course those are on 2 of the 3 days I work at the office so it gets a little cray cray around here.

* We visited the pumpkin patch (again) but forgot to take any pictures.

* We went to the twins' first Trunk or Treat at church (where my camera died after taking one picture)

* We took the twins trick or treating around my parents neighborhood to a few houses and got to dress them up all cute!

* I got a new Iphone 4s, so I have now joined the Apple nation.

* I am so looking forward to the holidays, it is my FAVORITE time of year, it means vacation with family, baking cookies, and the holiday spirit in the air.  Also it means Starbucks red cups!

Well that kind of sums up our last month in a nutshell.  Of course if you were awesome enough to read through all of this you deserve some pictures.  So here ya go!

Also as a sidenote...twitter took my blogging mojo, it is so much easier to do from your phone! :)