Our Twin Story

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7 weeks

12 weeks

16 weeks

23 weeks

29 weeks

32 weeks


Our TTC Journey

11/05- Married!!
6/06- Lets ditch BC
6/07- hmmm...why is nothing happening
7/07- appointment with R.E. (obviously not a good one)
8/07-S.A shows low motility/mobility/count-Uh-O
8/07-1st I.U.I
10/07-2nd I.U.I cancelled due to counts
11/07-visit Oregon Health and Science for hubby(told should be ok with I.U.I
12/07-1/09-take a break, buy a house, purchase fur-children
1/09-Meet with new R.E at SRM
2/09-Diagnosed with stage 2 endo, hubby with low motility/mobility/count
2/09-surgery to remove endo
3/09-Dr. gives 1 month to concieve on our own
5/09-I.U.I w/clomid and trigger
7/09-Decision to do IVF
9/09-start IVF meds
10/13/09-retrieved 18 eggs
10/18/09-transferred 2 beautiful blasts!!
10/25/09-++Home tests
10/26/09-beta 386 PREGNANT
10/28/09-beta 800+
11/09-1st ultrasound reveals two beautiful heartbeats!! TWINS!
2/10-Ultrasound reveals a GIRL & BOY
3/10-Bedrest at 24 weeks
5/5/10-hospital bedrest begins
5/13/10-Landon & Ava decide its time to join our family at 32 weeks an 2 days!