Monday, April 2, 2012

Disciplining Twins

O boy, we have reached some major terrible twos over here.  Mind you most of the time the twins are well behaved, we have worked on please and thank you and they are very good about using their manners. But lately we have hit some serious twin fighting.  Shoving, hitting, bitting, hair pulling, you name it one of them has done it.  This has been one of my biggest fears of parenting multiples.  It is so hard to explain to two children that are at the same developmental level which is really too young to understand sharing to start with and trying to get them to understand the concept.  If one has a toy that the other decides they want there is no please there is just "I'm going to go grab it".  Which usually results in tears on both sides. 

Ava has an issue with biting which we curbed awhile back after biting her back (say what you must but nothing else worked), my parents did it to my sister and she is a perfectly functioning 23 year old professional.  But now, now she shoves.  Landon, who used to be very reserved has started fighting back by pushing back which I understand but he is 30+ lbs and Ava is like maybe 23 lbs.  He is ALOT stronger than she is. 

We have tried timeouts, but they are still a little young to really grasp the concept of them, and usually they think it is funny.  We have just taken away whichever toy is causing them to fight which results in tears from both.  I am looking for any and all ideas to try and teach them that it is not ok to hit or shove each other.  I am not anti spanking as I was spanked as a child but very very few times and I remember why I was spanked to this day, so I don't really believe it spanking them at this age.  I just need help from my fellow mamas who have dealt with disciplining two or more children.  Even if those children weren't twins, what worked for you with your two year olds?? HELP!