Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! Thanks to Becky for hosting Seriously Thursday. 

So here I go.

1.  SERIOUSLY...Farrah from Teen Mom, this girl must not understand how much her parents help her on a day to day basis with her daughter or I am sure she wouldn't be making the decision to move by HERSELF all the way to another state to care for her daughter by HERSELF.  She will get a rude awakening when she wants to go out with some new friends and has no one to drop her baby off with.

2.  Seriously...I am so PUMPED for a 4 day weekend! Plus is hubby's birthday Friday he is turning 5 28! We haven't figured out what we are going to do yet but as long as we are all together it doesn't matter.

3.  Seriously...Taking a sick day when your a mama isn't all that easy unless you have an awesome support system like we do, Monday morning I woke up with something nasty and was feeling super sick, luckily my mom was going to be watching the babies all day while I should have been at work instead she watched them while I was in my bathroom bedroom. (note to self...keep meds on hand so you don't have to call FIL at 10:30 to call you in a Rx)

4.  I am SUPER EXCITED for my fall shows to come back... I love me some Grey's Anatomy! I think I may have said this one before but I am just so EXCITED!

5.  We got our family pictures done last Saturday and despite the weather not being what we thought it would be at the beach and it being windy, our photographer Kristina got some amazing shots, I have only seen a couple to tide me over until she is finished editing but as usual they are AMAZING!! Here it is!  And if you want to see more of her work check out the twins 10 month photoshoot, 6 month photoshoot, and newborn pictures

Well hope you all are having a great week!! Head over to From Mrs. to Mama and link up to let everyone know what made you go SERIOUSLY this week!

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 Month Update

So last week we went to the pedi and had the twins 15 month well baby check-ups.  I have NEVER taken both of them to the doctor's office by myself but due to scheduling I had to.  So I thought in my head what is the best way to get them in and out, keep them occupied waiting for the doctor and so on.  I brought their stroller in so I could lay them in it at the end for their shots (all 4 of them) and get the heck out of there as soon as possible.

They both are developmentally above their actually age which is great since they were preemies.  The doctor was very pleased with their skills.  The whole time we were there they were looking at the books and pointing the the objects in the books, one book happened to be a cars book which is Landon's favorite thing right now and he kept pointing and saying "car, car" and I would ask him what cars do and he would say "vrooom", the nurse was very impressed with that.  Makes me a happy and proud mama.  Ava kept pointing to all the books and says boo (book) boo (book) over and over. 

It definitely was hard trying to entertain them while they couldn't walk around since they were barefoot and well ewww.

They took all 4 shots like champs, cried for a bit but were calm as soon as I handed them a cracker.  Shots luckily dont seem to affect them too badly, they were a little cranky that night and then woke up the next morning like nothing had happened to them.  I hate watching them get shots though, I really think it's harder on a mommy sometimes then the child.

But here are their 15 month stats:
22.4 lbs
31 inches
26.8 lbs
31.5 inches

I'm not entirely convinced of their heights since Landon to me looks like he is at least an inch taller then Ava so I think I may measure them myself. 

I am so happy that they are growing and gaining weight just like they should be and don't have any long lasting effects of being born prematurely as we can tell right now.

Landon also got his 1st haircut last Friday (pictures coming) it was a sad day, but he looks so adorable with his new little boy cut but it definitely took every last bit of baby from him. 

Hope you all had a great weekend and are having a great week.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seriously Thursday

There are just a few things that made me go SERIOUSLY this week, here they are.

1. Seriously, what do people not understand about RSVP BY! We are hosting a big class tomorrow and people are still calling trying to get a spot.  It goes like this "I know we were supposed to let you know by last week but we finally cleared our schedule so we can go", I say "o ok we have room for you" because well if I say no then that doesn't reflect well on the practice and we can't make anyone mad.  But there is an RSVP on there for a reason people, it means I have to tell someone else how many people to expect for food/seating/etc... People don't seem to get that.

2.  Seriously, I made the BEST dinner last night, cooking calms me, so since I was stressed I busted out bbq ribs, homemade green beans, homemade potato salad and homemade peach cobbler.  My husband thinks I should be stressed more often now :).

3.  Seriously, my babies toddlers are 15 months old now.  We have a doctor appointment next week and after that I will be doing a 15 month post.  But it is crazy how much they are learning right now.

4.  Seriously, we have family pictures next weekend and I am having the hardest time deciding on outfits.  It is so hard to find perfectly matching twin outfits and then ones for mom and dad too.

5.  Seriously, last but not least we are having our carpets deep cleaned this Saturday which means we have to move ALL the furniture out of the house by 9 am Saturday...ALL of the furniture...thats A LOT! Probably shouldn't have scheduled that after a busy event the day before... O well we will figure it out!

Hope all of you are having a great week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

In need of... & Toddle Along Tuesday

So ladies, in planning this event I have realized I have another event September 9th.
Here is where you come, yes you who is reading this. I would love for some of you to do a guest post. This way instead of just checking out for the week and being a slacker, you will all stay entertained. No real rules or specific posts in mind, just whatever you want to write about.
Please leave me a comment below if you would be interested in doing a guest post. It would be needed for the week of September 5th.... don't let me down ladies!

Also it's Toddle Along Tuesday!! If you are new here welcome!! I try my hardest to follow back so please if you are new reader I would love to read your blog as well, so make sure to leave a comment down below so I can find you!! Hope you all are having a GREAT Tuesday


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I'm a Slacker

But I have a good reason... I have been working my butt off on a HUGE work even for this Friday for o like 250 people.  I will be back soon, promise.  Hope you all are having a more relaxing Monday then I am. 

I feel like this...


Monday, August 8, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday

YAY! It's Tuesday again and that can only mean one thing...well besides the fact that I have tomorrow off!, It's Toddle Along Tuesday hosted by Kristen and Mama G.  Thanks girls for all you do to bring us mommy bloggers together!

If you are new here, welcome, I am a young mommy to boy/girl twins who are about to turn 15 months.  They are absolutely amazing and I love being their mommy. If you leave a comment letting me know you were here I can make sure I follow you back!

I don't have a lot to say today but later this week I have a couple of blogger awards to tend to thanks to Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles and Andrea from The Mays Twins!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!

Who is Guilty of Watching RHONY or The Bachelor...

{Raises hand}

I have to admit I have watched every series and season of the Real Housewives empire, so I am guilty of feeding into the drama and crazy.

As I was watching the Real Housewives of New York reunion, it got me thinking, we as women should support and lift each other up and all they were doing ripping each other to pieces and degrading the other.  I know a lot of blog topics hit on the "We are women and should stick together" idea.  But I was thinking to myself, how are we supposed to stick together when what we are watching is cleary the opposite.

Think about it, almost every show involving women is in someway ripping us down somewhere.  You have "The Bachelor" where the women fight tooth and nail for a man....just a guy and we all watch with our mouths dropped the second drama happens.  Those women fight and bicker and backstab with the best of them.  "The Real Housewives of (insert city here), a show meant to give us "commoners" a backstage glimpse of a glamorous housewives lavish lifestyle.  This show has made me glad I don't have the lavish lifestyle that they do sometimes, I have less drama, and don't have to resort to backstabbing and gossiping on national television.  Each new season has gotten progressively worse and they seem to add troublemakers or try and stir the pot.  These women have children, those children will learn how to use google or know how to already and how embarrassing to be one of those women, to have your child see how you acted or put
another person down. 


Even in Blog land, women can't just bit their tongue if they don't like something that someone else put their time and effort into to write..  I get it, it's easy to hide behind your computer and spew off anything that comes to your mind but I mean what ever happened to "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all", I learned this at the ripe old age of like 5.  If women who are 40+ on a television show can't follow this obviously makes it easy for a 20+ something to say something mean because "Hey well she did it too".  Blair from "The Heir to Blair" wrote an amazing post on this.  You should read it.

These women on these shows have the platform and audience to put a better message out there but they choose not to use it for good rather for ripping the other down.  The millions of us (and I am totally guilty here too) feed into it and watch it, waiting for the next argument or tweeter war between the housewives, Bachelor gals or Jersey shore ladies.  Mrs. Monologues also wrote a great post on celebrity gossip and just saying no to it.  I'll admit it would be hard to just say no to all of it, but I am pledging that I will NOT purchase another gossipy magazine, as much as I may want to see what "Teen Mom" stars are doing I've realized that there are just more important things in the world these days.

This is such a mind ramble post, thanks for reading if you made it this far.  Lets just try and remember to try our best at saying something nice to someone, we all are women, most of us have children or will have children and I just have a hard time with the fact that if we as women (collectively) can't get along what does that example show our children.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

And The Winner Is.....

Katie from Love, Lattes & Lullabies

And Iif someone could show me how to actually do this that would be awesome!

Katie said...
I tweeted!!/sbuxsweetie

July 29, 2011 12:59 PM

Katie you should be hearing from me soon!

Hope you guys all have a great weekend!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick update!

Thanks to all of you who entered our 100 follower giveaway. I'm not at my computer at the moment so I will be picking a winner later this evening, I will post the winner as soon as possible!

True Life I'm a (insert title here) Blogger

True Life I'm a General Blogger!

 Thanks to Mrs. Monologues and Fabulous but Evil for creating this link up. 

I so fall into the category of a General Blogger.  I blog about whatever comes to mind at the time of day I am posting or when something happens. 

To learn more about me or our family please check out the About Me section up above.

To sum up myself in a few quick bullet points...

  • I am 24 nearing 25, hubs is 27 nearing 28 and our boy/girl twins are 15 months on August 13th.
  • I work part time for my FIL at his dental practice doing PR/Marketing and I love it
  • I'm a total homebody, I love my house and I've created this space to be enjoyed by my family
  • My hubby and I have been married for almost 6 years and known each other for almost 10
  • We had to go the IVF course to get our twins and lucky for us the first time worked
I love meeting other bloggers and this little bloggy world here has turned into a great resource for questions about mommyhood/being a working mom or when you need some encouragement for something that you may be going through.

I look forward to "meeting" more of you.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

And to think one year ago today, she learned how to smile
Where did my baby girl go.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday

It's Tuesday again and that means it is Toddle Along Tuesday over at Our Growing Garden and Growing Up Geeky.  Thank you Kristin and Mama G for putting this together every week.  I have met some awesome bloggy mamas through this blog hop and it is so fun to meet people who are at the same stage of life as we are now.

If you are new here, welcome! Please let me know if you decide to follow us as I love to return bloggy love and will follow you back. 

Also I have a giveaway going on right now for reaching 100 followers! You can go to enter here for a $25 giftcard to Starbucks!!

Thanks for stopping by!