Monday, August 8, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday

YAY! It's Tuesday again and that can only mean one thing...well besides the fact that I have tomorrow off!, It's Toddle Along Tuesday hosted by Kristen and Mama G.  Thanks girls for all you do to bring us mommy bloggers together!

If you are new here, welcome, I am a young mommy to boy/girl twins who are about to turn 15 months.  They are absolutely amazing and I love being their mommy. If you leave a comment letting me know you were here I can make sure I follow you back!

I don't have a lot to say today but later this week I have a couple of blogger awards to tend to thanks to Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles and Andrea from The Mays Twins!

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!


bluebell screams said...

new follower from the hop!

Anonymous said...


New follower from TAT! Looking forward to reading more of your adorable blog!


Anonymous said...

new follower, 20 week pregnant with boy/girl twins. your blog is so cute :)

I cant leave comment with my blog (which to fix that for people like me, you can change your change your comment settings to pop up box) but my blog is

Sarah said...

New follower from TAT love the look of your blog and love reading about multiples because there are so many in my life...but none of my own! :) Hope you can take a look at my blog too!

Ashleigh said...

New follower from Top Mommy Blogs, but I'll be hopping around all night now thanks to Toddle Along Tuesday!

(I'm new at all of this and trying to figure it all out :)

Olusola said...

old follower saying hi again (and maybe delurking) :)

Heather said...

I'm new to blogging and a new follower of yours, so I just thought I'd say hi! :) You have such a beautiful family, and I love your inspirational story! My *new* husband and I are HS sweethearts, too! :) Rock onnnnn!