Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Hey everyone! Happy Thursday! Thanks to Becky for hosting Seriously Thursday. 

So here I go.

1.  SERIOUSLY...Farrah from Teen Mom, this girl must not understand how much her parents help her on a day to day basis with her daughter or I am sure she wouldn't be making the decision to move by HERSELF all the way to another state to care for her daughter by HERSELF.  She will get a rude awakening when she wants to go out with some new friends and has no one to drop her baby off with.

2.  Seriously...I am so PUMPED for a 4 day weekend! Plus is hubby's birthday Friday he is turning 5 28! We haven't figured out what we are going to do yet but as long as we are all together it doesn't matter.

3.  Seriously...Taking a sick day when your a mama isn't all that easy unless you have an awesome support system like we do, Monday morning I woke up with something nasty and was feeling super sick, luckily my mom was going to be watching the babies all day while I should have been at work instead she watched them while I was in my bathroom bedroom. (note to self...keep meds on hand so you don't have to call FIL at 10:30 to call you in a Rx)

4.  I am SUPER EXCITED for my fall shows to come back... I love me some Grey's Anatomy! I think I may have said this one before but I am just so EXCITED!

5.  We got our family pictures done last Saturday and despite the weather not being what we thought it would be at the beach and it being windy, our photographer Kristina got some amazing shots, I have only seen a couple to tide me over until she is finished editing but as usual they are AMAZING!! Here it is!  And if you want to see more of her work check out the twins 10 month photoshoot, 6 month photoshoot, and newborn pictures

Well hope you all are having a great week!! Head over to From Mrs. to Mama and link up to let everyone know what made you go SERIOUSLY this week!

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Mrs. Mama said...

LOVE the family pictures!!! so cute!

yes farrah is ridiculous and totally not living in reality. you can tell her parents are so in love with her little girl.

SOOO stoked for fall!

Coakley's Journey said...

Farrah makes me so angry too how she talks to her parents and they just stay right there with her. I dont know how I would react if my girl talked to me that way....

on a different note, cute family photo, cant wait to see more.

Cheryl said...

I can't wait for fall TV either! I'm not a fan of Teen Mom though. AND my hubby just turned 30!

Happy Birthday to your hubs! Hope you guys have a good weekend!!

Quinn said...

and why does Farrah insist on calling her dad Michael?!?! Its so weird!!!

championm2000 said...

Yay for 4 day weekends and awesome family photos!

Marissa said...

You are seriously so right about Farrah! And why does she call her dad Michael!??!

I have 17.....18 month old tomorrow actually......boy/girl twins and a little girl that is 4 weeks old tomorrow so I am loving your blog!!! So glad I found you : )