Thursday, October 14, 2010

One year ago

Really this post should have been yesterday, but well things were to crazy to sit and write. 

One year ago we went through IVF, hoping and praying that it would work and we would be blessed with a baby.  Well now one year later I have my beautiful twins.  I thank god for modern science and the oppurtunity to go through IVF.  We are really so lucky that we did put two embryos back and have our son and daughter, since we were left with no more embryos left to freeze.  Sometimes I can't believe that it worked our first time, I was so nervous/anxious one year ago that it would work,  that all that money would have been wasted, there was quite a few breakdowns where I was positive that it didn't work since I didn't know what to expect in the terms of pregnancy symptoms.  I remember going out to dinner with our friends on my birthday, they had gone through the IVF process at the same time as us and she had taken a pregnancy test and it was positive and thats when I thought that it could not possibly turn out positive for both of us, I mean statistically speaking I thought it just wouldn't happen. 

Now those two teeny tiny little embryos are 5 month old babies who are rolling over, grabbing at toys and laughing like there is no tomorrow.  Its amazing to think what the human body is capable of creating in that short amount of time. 

Here is the twins 5 month photo, they just get bigger and bigger by the day! It just amazes me. 

In the middle is the picture of the twins as teeny tiny blastocysts.