Friday, March 30, 2012

SUYL-Moms of Multiples over at Kelly' Korner

Today over at Kelly's Korner she is hosting an awesome link up for all the mom of multiples. So head over and link up if you have twins, triplets, or even more. I know I'll be going through to find new moms to connect with. I love finding other moms of twins since hardly any of my friends have a baby let alone two.

And if you are here visiting from Kelly's Korner welcome! We have 22 month almost 23 month boy/girl twins born at 32 weeks after ivf. They are crazy toddlers and I would change any of it. Please check out our stories above and some of our recent adventures!

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zoo Trip

Saturday we packed up the twins and their wagon and headed up to the zoo! We had some passes that needed to be used by April so we have been waiting for a semi nice weekend to go.  Seeing as our weather here was 50 but sunny it is considered Spring and you go outside! The twins were much more into the zoo this trip than the last time that we went.  They were so excited to see all of the animals and wanted to walk around all by themselves. 

We got there just after the park opened before the huge crowds arrived (remember it is Washington and over 50 degrees, everyone goes outside).  We made the whole round by a little after noon and headed home.  The rest of the day we went on a family walk and played outside, good thing too since today it is raining... :( .  We are considering getting the family membership so we can go whenever we want all year and not feel bad if we only spend a couple hours there. 

Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Telling our story

Today I am over here at Life as we Know It with two twinkies and a Tater Tot.  Heather is hosting a series on preemies and ask for volunteers to tell their stories.  Please head over today and take a peak around.  She will be featuring a family a week as we all prepare for the March of Dimes.

Life as we know it with two twinkies and a tot

Thursday, March 15, 2012

O Hi There

Wow so I basically disappeared.  Life has been, well, crazy! We have been going non-stop since December.  I could say sorry for not writing but it took the back burner while we just lived our crazy life.  Things are finally dare I say calming down for the moment.

After my last post we enjoyed our family vacation to Whistler, BC for Christmas which was so fun this year with the twins, they played in the snow and on the playground they have there which is awesome. We had dinner out and the hubs and I actually had a date night since we had 8 babysitters.  We relaxed and had an awesome Christmas with our two toddlers.

In January our part of the state got hit with a massive snow/ice/wind storm.  We had over 18+ inches of snow which we rarely have seen in the past.  But not only did it snow, the next day is ALL froze and turned into a slippery winter wonderland.  But wait thats not all, then the trees started snapping and the power went out.  Not just a few people lost power but pretty much our whole county was out of power.  We only lost power for a little over 24 hours but enough to book it to the inlaws who have a generator.  O and in January the twins turned 20 months old and both had their first ear infection!

February brought some serious life changes, we decided in order to fullfill our dream of building our forever house we would need to sell or rent our current home.  Considering we bought our house at the literal peak of the market we figured out we would be more likely to just keep it rented for basically our mortgage which to me doesn't sound like a bad idea. So we ask my parents if they would mind 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dogs moving in.  To my surprise, they said yes no problem.  So we moved all of our stuff into my parents house, sold some of our living room/family room furniture and the moved the rest into storage and my husband's parents house.  We found a renter within 2 weeks and they moved in 3 days later. So now we are landlords.  We are paying off a little bit of credit card debt that accumlated over the past few years with the twins medical bills and while my hubs wasn't working and saving the rest to purchase land and build.

Also in Febrauary our beloved 3.5 yr old Great Dane suddenly got sick and we couldn't figure out was wrong until the vet took an xray and said that his stomach had flipped and that it was basically a death sentence unless we decided to pay 5,000+ for a surgery that may or may not work, so we had to say goodbye.  While I am still very sad over it we both knew it wasn't fair to our children to sink that much money into our dog who may or may not make it out of surgery and even then the life expectancy of a Great Dane is really only 5-8 years on average.  We miss him but when we build a house with a big yard we will probably get another big dog who will have room to run.

That brings us to March.  The twins just turned 22 months old, we only have 2 more months until they turn 2.  I feel like I need a time machine to go back and hold a teeny tiny 4 lb baby in my arms again just to remember what it was like.  They are independent, funny, smart and so energetic.  They can be exhausting and trying and well...a toddler, but they are so fun.  They are talking up a storm these days, small phrases are being put together, we can communicate with them better and I am just loving this age.

I like a crazy women already have their party planned and it will be taking place at a local zoo.  The twins love animals and since I don't have my house to throw a party in I figure we will just bring everything in and have a fun day at the zoo.

Which will feature lots of Mickey

And will be held here

Anyways, that brings us to today. Hopefully I will begin to blog more.  I became almost embarrassed at how long it had been since I last posted, but o well.  All I can do is try and be better.