Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bullet Points

So I have seen some blogs do a bullet point format for a quick we go.

- The twins are almost 8 months old (HOLY COW 8 MONTHS OLD) time to start party planning
-We accomplished traveling in the car for 7 hours for our annual vacation to Whistler for Christmas
-Traveling with twins is....HARD
- Landon is about 21 lbs and Ava about 16.5
-They are crazy cute and funny all day long...They are such HAPPY babies
- I have been making my own baby food (post being planned on it)
- Christmas was amazing with babies in our lives!
-Christmas also brought the need to organize my family room (que JcPenney storage solutions)
-I may have possibly gone overboard on Christmas present...oops
-The twins can roll everywhere they want and I have a feeling crawling is not too far off

Ok well I feel bad for not posting like ever so I think maybe one of my new year resolutions will be to be better about that!

I hope everyone's Christmas/New Year and Holiday season was AWESOME!!!

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