Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Next Monday my hubs and I will be taking our first vacation sans kids since before we started IVF.  Obviously, having never been away from my kids (except when they were held hostage  learning to breath and eat in the NICU) I am a bit nervous and anxious which I'm sure is expected whenever a parent decides to go away on a vacation and leaves their heart(s) in someone elses perfectly capable hands.

The twins will be staying at our my parents house since we are already living there waiting out to build it is a perfect time as there will be minimal disruption from their day to day schedules and they'll have their own stuff.  My sister is taking the week off from her job to come up and help as well.  I know that they will be fine, I'm sure I'll be the only who is a mess in any of this.

I have put together presents/activities for them to open and do each day that we are gone.  My sister and parents plan on taking them to Northwest Trek and the zoo possibly.  I'm sure they will keep them plenty busy and occupied to not realize that we are gone much. 

I know that this time away is good for us as a couple, to relax, to not think 24/7 about what they ate for breakfast, did they play enough, did I stimulate their little brains with numbers and the abc's, what's for dinner and all of the other things that run through our heads as moms.  We will be able to sit back and relax which is something we haven't done in a very long time. 

We are headed back to Maui with a couple of good friends, which is where we spent our honeymoon, we will be gone for a whole week. I'm excited for gorgeous weather, the beach, the atmosphere there.  Basically I love Maui and am excited to go back.  We are staying at the Honua Kai which we have heard from our friends who we are going with is amazing!


So here is where you can help me, if you have left your little ones for a vacation, what did you do to make sure that everyone is on the same page, what numbers/names should I leave.  I;ve already gotten some great feedback from some and know that I need to leave something that gives my parents/sister authority to make medical decisions in the event that we can't reached or in an emergency.  I know to leave their insurance cards with them just in case.  But am I missing anything???


Allie said...

HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! We always just leave our hotel number, cells, doctors numbers, directions to hospital, and have the house stocked with everything so they dont have to take our kids anywhere haha!! I am so anal about my kids leaving the house when we are not home (I am crazy!)

Soak up the sun!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time together. I know it may be hard, but it'll be worth it for your sanity. :) I'm a tiny bit jealous of your vacation. Your kiddos will be in good hands though!

Megan said...

I hope you guys have a fabulous time!! Enjoy every moment! And then come home refreshed and ready to love on your littles :)

Unfortunately, I don't have much advice to share...we've only left our girls once, for a weekend, for a marriage retreat.

Come by my blog and share some of your must-have beauty products! I'd love to find a new great one :)

Angela said...

My boys will turn 2 in July & we just went for our first big trip away in March - down to Florida for a friends' wedding from a Wednesday to a Sunday.

It was hard & I over-prepared on everything from food to medical papers to schedules written down.

The boys did better than I could have hoped & we got our time away to refresh - definetly worth it even though I stressed about the whole trip for months before it happened.

Sounds like you've got everything I did covered already - great job mama!!

Enjoy, relax & Skype!!