Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blogging for a Good Cause- Lawyers Autism Awareness Foundation

When I was approached to help with this great, I immediately said yes, this is a cause that as a mother this is something that I can not imagine hearing the diagnosis.  Most everyone knows someone who has an autistic child now, there are many theories as to what can cause Autism, who knows if they will ever be able to pinpoint the cause, but now that the public is becoming more aware of the Autism spectrum the public is also learning how to help those children in need. 

The LAAF (Lawyers Autism Awareness Foundation) is a foundation started by 2 dads both of whom had a child with Austism.  Their mission was to make sure that families that couldn't afford special therapy for their children were provided with the means to do so.  Please visit their site to learn more about how they helping those children in need.

Here are some basic facts straight from their site
- Autism is a developmental disorder that is usually marked by impairments in communication, social skills
and repetitive motions

Autism affects 1 in every 110 88 Children

- 1 in 70 54 Boys

- Autism is the 3rd most common developmental disorder in the US
- Autism is usually seen within the first 3 years of life

- Some persons with Autism are gifted in certain areas like Math Art or Music

That brings me to what we are trying to do.

A group of bloggers got together to try and raise money for this cause,  Tracy Meehan, Independent Stylist for Stella and Dot has donated a "Lucky Charm" Stella and Dot necklace for one of you "lucky" gals to win!

Another way to help this cause is to shop the Trunk Show where a large portion of the proceeds going straight to the Lawyers Autism Awareness Fund.  Together I know we can make a difference in these kids' lives!

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