Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do I have a story to tell now Part: 1

I planned on updating on May 5th after my doctors appointment but boy did that change fast. I got to my doctors appoint right on time as usual, got checked in, I had been having more and more contractions the day before and on the 5th so I decided that would be the first thing I would ask about. I had been on two different medications since March to help stop pre term labor so when I notice that there is a change it is kind of a big deal. I was called back to my appointment, did the usual, pee in a cup, step on the scale (149 lb) holy COW, took my blood pressure, which, was normal as usual. My doctor came in and I told her about the contractions, she basically did nothing else because she decided she needed to send me over to St. Peters Hospital to be checked out and sit on the monitors for awhile. Grant and I headed over to St. Peters to do this, went right to the Family Birth Center and got into our exam room, which we had become quite familiar with the process by now. They got me hooked up and I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes, the nurse decided she would do a fetal fibronectomy test which would give an idea if I was in immediate danger of delivering very soon, that was negative. She also checked to see if I had dialated anymore. I had been at 1 cm for quite some time (2 weeks or so), but I had moved to 2 and definitely was open, Landons head was very low so they got really worried really fast. The rest was such a blur to me. I was rushed to a different room and given magnesium sulfate to stop my contractions, this is a medication you never ever ever ever want! It made me hot and uncomfortable, I'm not talking sit on a beach hot in Hawaii I'm talking stuck in Death Valley in a black box with no holes hot. They leaned me so far back that my feet were higher then my head, I guess they try to use gravity as their friend. Soon things started to get more and more painful and no better, another OBGYN from the practice checked me and felt I was at 3 and immediately made the decision for me to be transported to Tacoma General or UW medical center where they could handle premature babies.
The Decision was made to transfer to Tacoma General and we sat and waited for the Ambulance. Somewhere in there I guess Grant called my parents and they rushed over to be with us. I don't really remember. 30 minutes later the Ambulance arrive to take me to Tacoma General with the rule that they were to have lights and sirens on the entire way. My anxiety was pretty much completely out of control by that point and I lost it. I have never been in an ambulance and there was too much going on too fast I could not keep up. I signed papers which I found about 3 days later and had no recolection of signing, got moved over to the gurney and was off. Grant was with me which was good because otherwise he would have had to try and fight the I-5 traffic roadwork. The ambulance was mostly I guess on the shoulder to pass traffic with lights and sirens on, I was completely terrified.
We got to Tacoma General and the paramedics had to find their way to the Labor and Delivery since Tacoma General had just completed a major renovation. We finally found it and I was rushed to a room, and hooked up to several IV's, I was still on Magnesium Sulfate and they put me on morphine for my pain which apparently made me very loopy or so Im told. The nurses were all trying to calm me down, which wasn't working but the pain meds eventually did it for them. I was so exhausted from all the craziness. They brought in a ultrasound tech who determined possible sizes and positions of both babies. I was pretty much asleep by this point and did not remember a thing. The ultrasound is the last thing I remember of that day. Right now I must go to a diaper change on my son, so stay tuned for part 2.

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