Saturday, May 1, 2010

My first official blog post! Kind of long catch up story below...

After reading multiple blogs over the last few months, I have decided to start our own! Not only to offer the chance to our family and friends to follow our journey with our soon-to-be-here twins but also as a way to put my story out there for anyone who may want to read or is going through the same thing.
As some of you may know by now it has been a long journey to pregnancy for us. We were married in November of 2005 and about a year later decided to not prevent anything....well nothing happened. It was supposed to be easy but it turned out to be anything but easy! After years of different doctors and multiple diagnosis' for both of us we finally had answers in February of 2009. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and my hubby with MFI. I was going to need surgery if I ever wanted to have a baby or babies. In March of 2009 I had surgery to treat (because there is no cure) for my endometriosis. Our doctor was still not too optimistic about us being able concieve on our own but said he would give us 2 months to try.
After two months had passed with no double lines we moved on to IUI, now after two rounds of IUI it was fairly obvious to our doctor that IVF was our only option. So we decided we wanted this now, we did not want to wait, both our conditions were never going to just disappear but would just most likely get worse. In August we began the process with our clinic. At the end September we started the multiple injections, ultrasounds, appointments, and bloodwork. Our doctor harvested 18 eggs on October 13th, 2009, not such a fun process. We waited for daily calls from our clinic to let us know how our embiebabies were doing! We went from 18 to 15 that were succesfully fertilized, down to four the day we transferred. We went back and forth all week about how many to transfer, we knew the risks of a multiple pregnancy and also knew the chance of us being able to do this again was slim. We have always wanted at least 2 children so we put it in gods hands and decided to trust the doctors opinion. I kept leaning towards 1, hubby 2. October 18th rolled around (day of Embryo transfer), and the doctor suggested transferring 2 with a 10% chance of both taking.......well 7 days later we had a big fat positive on a HPT.
I called the clinic to move my bloodwork up and sure enough our numbers were HIGH. The clinic tests the HCG in your blood, normal range for 9 days (when my blood was taken) for one is somewhere in the 100's, ours was 368! We went back 2 days later and it had more then double, the clinic was betting on twins! Our first ultrasound was at 7 weeks and sure enough two beautiful babies were there, both with strong heartbeats!
That brings us to today well...kind of...without a super long story on typical morning sickness, exhaustion, cravings and everything pregnancy related! We are now at 30 weeks 4 days with our little boy and our little girl, I have been on bedrest for 6 weeks because of preterm contractions/labor. We are sooooo looking forward to having our twins here sooner then later now!! So now you can follow this parenting of multiples thing, my favorite mommy items, favorite baby items and trying to stretch a budget for two babies, two dogs and two adults...this should be interesting.

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