Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today is my hubby's 27th birthday, my how so much has changed in one year, now he has TWO babies to celebrate with him today!! Last year I think we were getting our IVF calendar together and ordering meds and getting all geared up for the IVF roller coaster, I think we even talked about if next year we would have a baby(ies) by his birthday...WOW!

Im sure we will lounge around today and celebrate where our life is at this very moment, maybe take the babes on a walk with the pups, just hang out as a family. I just can't believe that at this year last time it was just a hope/thought, that maybe we would have a family in 2010! And now we do, thank goodness for modern science and the abilities of all of our doctors! I am so very thankful for my hubby and the daddy that he is today on his birthday!!

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