Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow in February is totally normal right....right...

So we here in the Pacific Northwest have been dumped on in the last couple of days, now I know that 2-3 inches + of snow to alot may not be worth closing down schools and staying inside but here thats all it takes.  My poor babes have super stuffy noses which means no playing in the snow for them.  All of the schools have been closed down and it is ICY folks.  Luckily both of our vehicles have AWD so were A ok in this weather but we still have to be careful.  Here are some pics of our lovely cold snap. 

 I am really hoping my tulips don't die
 This is what our sky looks like today
And just for fun we put the twins and their friend Scarlett in baskets to contain them while we snapped photos! lol

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