Friday, February 4, 2011


So the twins have began to crawl, scoot and roll to what they want these days.  I don't understand why when a baby has literally a hundred toys, they want to play with the vacuum cleaner ::shivers::, a dirty vacuum cleaner, so now it has become a daily routine to make sure that EVERYTHING that is not a baby toy is off the floor or is not within reaching distance, my daughter has a thing for shoes, all shoes, if there is a shoe within reaching distance she will get it.  Landon loves anything that it a cord or shoelace.  We have begun the babyproofing of our house. 

 "Mom look what I can do"
 He loves to pet Mogley
And the blinds

All of these milestones are amazing to see, they are becoming these little people with such BIG personalities, but at the same time everytime they do something new a little piece of baby seems to drift away.  They no longer like to rest in my arms while drinking their bottles, they want to hold them all by themselves. 

At the same time every milestone creates a need to change our house/lifestyle to accomadate their newfound independence.  I love these little babies with everything I have and somedays when they are napping in their cribs, I creep in and watch them sleep, still so innocent and peaceful and I sometimes still cannot believe that they are all mine.

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