Monday, March 7, 2011

Committed to a cause

I have decided that I need to be committed to a cause.  Ever since the twins were born prematurely at 32 weeks I have read so much information about March of Dimes, I guess to me I kinda of thought that well since I had twins I guess I was in a way asking for having babies early, it wasn't until I found so many blogs about MoMs who have carried their twins to 36, 37 or even 38 weeks that I realized that well I guess prematurity doesn't happen to every set of twins, I guess I did have an experience that not all have thankfully.  I thank god everyday that my babies are healthy and active 9 month olds. 

I know things could have happened very different when I started dialating at 26 weeks.  I fought daily to keep them put where they could get bigger and stronger and when my body gave out the research that March of Dimes has done helped them get bigger and stronger. 

I have decided I am going to walk for my twins and every other baby out there that was born early! I have signed up, I have committed and I am going to do it! I have added a button on my page if you may feel so inclined to donate to this cause.  Letters are going out, messages posted on facebook and I am hoping to get to my goal of $200.  Hopefully I exceed this goal and maybe next year I can dream even bigger!!

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