Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm ready for some sunshine...Weather Gods....

Here in Washington Spring seems to be a no show right now, we had a teaser about a week ago where it was clear blue skies but only wait for it......54 degrees.  Now if you know anything about Washingtonians you know that when that thermometer hits anything over 50 some break out the birkenstocks and shorts....I personally think those people are crazy, I mean sure its sunny....but it is still FREEZING! I am patiently waiting for some spring weather around these parts....hear me Weather Gods...patiently waiting...

Last summer was kind of a bust, the twins were born at 32 weeks in May so we kept them away from larger groups of people most of the summer, other then a family reunion for a day in July.  We stayed holed up in our house to make sure that they stayed healthy.  Well I'm ready to get outside with them, go to the zoo, the beach, Seattle....pretty much anything you can think of to do outside...I'm ready...bring it on!

These are my summer ideas as of now:

Take these two little cuties to:
Check out the animals at Point Defiance Zoo
Maybe take a stroll around Pike Place

On a day like this!

And probably go here as well!

I am sure I will come up with many more ideas on what to do this summer.  But right now with all this rain it sure doesn't seem like its anywhere close to coming.   What are your plans for the summer...or your favorite activity to do with your little ones???


HettyA said...

I love your ideas! I want to do a lot of those things this summer too. Zoo, Aquarium, etc. Sounds like you're having the same type of spring we are. Our girls were born at 32 weeks in May too! So we spent all of our summer in the NICU and then in the house. Didn't leave much till it was into the fall, no fun . :P

PS. I love Pike Place, can't wait till I can talk my hubby into moving back that way!

Andrea said...

Hi there! So glad you visited and entered my give-away! Your babies are adorable!!!! I am looking forward to following your blog. It appears we have a few things in common IVF and having our twins prematurely. Have a great weekend!