Monday, April 11, 2011


My grandma had a hip replacement today, everything went well and she is now recovering at the hospital. Funny story though, she had surgery at Tacoma General which is where we "lived" for a little over a month with hospital bedrest and a NICU stay for the twins. My mom drove up to the valet to have her car parked and the young man recognized her from our stay there. He remembered her from the fact that we brought home made cinnamon rolls for the valets and nurses and everyone else that we loved at TG. I just love that they remembered...our cinnamon rolls must be really really good!


HettyA said...

Although going to the hospital is usually for nothing too fun I really like running into nurses or doctors that worked with our girls and remember us :) Makes us feel special hahah

Mandy Stephens said...

I always look at blogs through Google Reader so I never see the cute backgrounds and the main pic. But today I was just browsing off of our blog list and OH MY GOSH that picture of the twins is the cutest thing I've ever seen! It belongs in a magazine or something!