Monday, April 25, 2011

The Twins First Easter

We finally had some nice weather here in the PNW, on Saturday it reached...wait for it...69 degrees!! I know I know, thats hardly the lovely spring weather most get but right now we will take what we can get. 

I decided with the nice weather only predicted to last on Saturday I was going to dress the babies in their Easter outfits and take them outside for a little photoshoot! Good thing I did because it poured on Sunday!

Here are some pics from our day!

I have some very photo friendly children, they sat and played with all the plastic eggs while I shot dozens, ok ok, maybe hundreds of photos of them! So glad digital cameras were invented because I couldn't afford film for this many photos!

On Easter Sunday we got up to celebrate with the Twins, they both got some outfits and a couple of toys, we went simple this year we will be doing Easter Egg hunts I'm sure.  They played for awhile, then napped while we prepped our meal.  My parents and Aunt all came over to join us and we all ate until we were STUFFED! Once everyone had left we changed the babies into their Easter clothes and headed to the in-laws for another dinner.  Luckily that dinner wasn't ready until 7 cause I would not have been able to stuff anymore food if it had been any earlier.  The twins got some outfits fro Grandma and Grandpa and played with everyone while we waited for dinner.  Once we had eaten we stayed around for awhile and then headed home to put the twins to bed. 
All in all it was a lovely Easter and a great first Easter for the twins. I hope all of you had a great Easter as well. 

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