Monday, April 11, 2011

A Whole New Respect!

So this weekend my hubby went up to Whistler with his brothers and dad for a "boys" weekend, full of skiing and eating and generally relaxing.  This means I was a single mama at home with the twins.  I have not spent time apart from him since the twins were born, he is an amazing daddy, always helpful and constantly playing with them.  I am used to his help and probably take it for granted on a daily basis.

Anyways, he left town about 2 pm on Friday, I decided to take the twins to Target to run some errands.  Im used to doing this on my own which made it easier.  They love to people watch so they just smiled at everyone who looked at them.  When we were finished up at Target we headed back home around 4ish.  This is where is starts to get a little harder.  While they have been trying to drop their afternoon nap on me for some time now, they tend to get a little cranky now around 4pm, so I did my best to entertain them by myself (turns out I'm not as funny as daddy is).  We finally made it to feeding time at the zoo.  I am learning my timing skills now that I have to cook them dinner and have it ready by 6 pm.  As they were sqwaking at me for their food, I was rushing to get their pasta noodles cooled down so they could eat them.  Finally it was ready to eat, so they finished that off quick, I topped them off with some cereal and proceeded to start our bedtime routine.  Luckily even though the were exhausted, they went to sleep with no troubles. 

Saturday we all got up and played the day away, they napped a little but we mostly played and played and played....boy I was tired.  My parents were coming over to watch them so I could go to a girls night out to celebrate a friends birthday! I was excited to get out of the house but by the time 9 pm rolled around all I could think about was getting back home.  I came home to quiet sleeping babies and went to bed. 

Sunday we basically repeated Saturday again until daddy came home at 6ish.  Man, was I happy to see him, the kids were very excited that their daddy was home!

I definitely had fun taking care of them by myself and it was fine for a weekend, but I don't know how single moms do it, they must be some incredibly stong women.  I definitely take for granted the fact that I can leave the babies at home with their fully capable daddy while I run out to do errands and such. 

All in all it was a successful weekend, everyone is healthy and happy (other then daddy's ankle) which he rolled while walking...but he still managed to snowboard and have fun.  And now I am tired  EXAUSTED  Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a GOOD week!

P.S. However I will pat my own back since I had a pot roast in the crock pot and chocolate chip cookies in the oven when he came home!! O and a semi-clean house!! YAY ME!


Holly Ann said...

I agree with you completely! I have no idea how I would manage without my husband. It's hard enough working separate shifts on weekdays. I need him on weekends. I bow to all those single mommas!

HettyA said...

That is so true! It's crazy the difference from having someone around to help and not. I hope you're managing the dropping of the nap well...I'm so not ready fo that!