Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Traditions

I'm linking up this week with Becky for her Christmas link up.  This week is all about Christmas traditions.

Our Christmas traditions start the weekend after Thanksgiving when we go and find our Christmas tree.  We bring the tree home and set it up and while we decorate it we drink hot chocolate, well the twins had regular milk (but next year).  We pull out all of our decorations and set them up around the house and talk to the twins about baby Jesus and Christmas. 

We do all things Christmas, bake cookies, watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music all of December.  This year we also decided to make the salt dough ornaments that I have been seeing every year.

Now every year hubby's family heads up to Whistler, BC to enjoy Christmas.  So we pack everything (Christmas presents included), pack a huge trailer and head out.  This will be my 7th year going.  Hub's family has been going for like 15 years.  This means we ALWAYS have a white Christmas and we get to ski, shop and play in the snow. 

Seriously look at where we get to celebrate Christmas!



2009 (12 weeks preg with the twins)


bundled up

yummy dinners

Now that we have the twins we are going to do our best to come home/leave late every other year to be fair to everyone, but hopefully we can just have my family up there too at some point.

We spend 1 glorious week up there before coming home.  This year I am hauling every single one of the twins presents up to Whistler (including their kitchen) because well just because we aren't home doesn't mean Santa can't visit the condo. 


Danielle said...

omg. i am so jealous you get to spend christmas like that ever year!

championm2000 said...

Can we stow away in your suitcases??

Taylor said...

I love the white christmas! Lucky you! Shred the mountain!

Pearl Bracelets said...

That must be so wonderful to travel to a snowy place with the whole family every year. I imagined the twins in a couple of years time, when they will be able to try the snowboards. They will love that you have this tradition, I'm sure! Have a great new year, too! Hugs, Flora

Kristin said...

The twins are so cute all bundled up!