Sunday, June 27, 2010


Finally it feels like summer is trying to make an appearance!! Its been a busy week in our house but I am sure it is just the beginning of busy weeks. Our good friends had their baby girl on Saturday June 26th!! Baby Scarlett weighed in at 8 lb 4 oz and she is now officially Ava and Landon's new best friend. We are all so excited to have babies so close in age, the funny thing is that Scarlett was due on July 4th and the twins on July 6th but now the twins are 6 weeks older then Scarlett. We can not wait to take strolls around Capital Lake with our strollers and enjoy the sunshine!! So we are just super excited to all have our babies here safe and sound.

This next week I am sure will be a busy one, the twins have another pediatrician appointment to make sure everyone is still gaining weight which judging by my mama scale they both are. We are looking forward to Grant's family reunion this coming July 4th weekend! The twins outfits are washed and ready and they are ready to make their appearance as the newest little Echols' family members. We are excited to see everyone, we have not seen everyone since the last family reunion in 2008!

The twins are just growing and growing these days. We are waiting for them to start smiling at us, we see smiles but we are both convinced its still newborn gas...

I have learned what moms meant by don't feed into the hype of all baby products, of course I bought everything that looked like a good idea to have around for a newborn baby. So far the most helpful thing that I never thought of was a sterlizer for all of their bottle nipples and pacifiers, instead of keeping a pot of water on the stove this saves time and money since its a small amount of water and takes only a few minutes to complete a cycle. I definitely bought too many clothes so I am lucky that the twins are small and will fit into most of it for a longer time then most babies. I am still waiting to use our cloth diapers, they do not fit them quite yet but I excited to see if I actually like the idea of cloth diapering two babies. It definitely will save us some serious cash if I can do it.

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