Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here is what our days look like right now

4 am-get up feed babies/pump

6:30- get up cause the suns up

6:30-8- clean bottles/dishes/clean counters/laundry

8 am- feed babies/pump

8-?- run any necessary errands/groceries/target while Grant can be home

11 or 12- feed babies/pump

12 or 1- eat

1-4- clean house/clean more bottles/wipe counters/dishes/laundry maybe nap (maybe)

3- pump

4-5 feed babies

5 or 6 eat dinner


8- feed babies

call it done for chores

10 pm- pump/Brittany goes to sleep

11 or 12 am- Grant feeds babies

As you can see pumping rules my life at the moment, while I may not breastfeed my twins they are both getting breastmilk, in all honesty it is just easier for us to both be able to feed the babies anytime they need to be fed. They also still have to have 2 formula bottles a day (for preemies) and to avoid confusion for them between bottles and breast. I know that every book says sleep when the baby(ies) sleep, well I now know what all moms talk about when they say that is impossible. You can try and lay down but you are just going to lay there and think about the laundry/dishes or chores that need to be done around the house. My husband is an awesome helper and luckily takes care of everything outside the house (yard, garage, garden), but is not a huge fan of the inside work which is fine. He also hates grocery shopping since more often then not he buys the wrong thing. I maybe take a cat nap which will go away as I return to work. So for now this works, the babies are calling the shots which is how it is supposed to be this early in the game. Lucky for us I am pretty sure both babies are very happy babies and really only make noise when they are hungry or have a dirty diaper...for now anyways.

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