Thursday, June 17, 2010

So whats going on with us

Wow so I am terrible at finding time to update this so I am going to try harder...well as hard as I can with two newborn infants at home. I will also attempt to put together their birth story as well, in a weird way I am still absorbing everything that happened between the 5th and the 13th when they finally were born, eventually it will get on here.
Baby Update:

Landon was able to come home from the NICU on June 5th and Ava followed on June 10th. We have now had two infants in our house for 1 week. We are learning the meaning of day by day or even hour by hour with what needs to be done for the babies, the dogs, our house and well our sanity as well. The babies are doing wonderfully in the weight department, we had a pediatrician appointment on Tuesday and Landon is weighing in at 6 lbs and 4 oz, and Ava at 5 lb and 15 oz, so she is over 6 now I am sure. According to the pediatrician they are doing really really well, they have another appointment in 2 weeks to check their weight and then they will get scheduled for their 2 month shots!! HoLY COW 2 MONTHS!! They both love to eat and get better and better at taking their bottles and larger amounts every day. I could stare at them for hours but I won't because I still have a house to keep clean. Seriously thinking about hiring a housekeeper every other week to keep up on it all. Landon and Ava both sleep for about 4 hours and then wake up and eat and just go back to sleep for 4 hours. We have got them both where they wake up within a half hour of each other and get back to sleep, this way we have about 3 1/2 hours to do other things around the house.

We had some newborn pictures taken this past Saturday by our friend Kristina and today we will have some more taken by my friend Jill who has just moved back home to Washington from Utah and is starting her own photography business, she offered to take some for us as well as some family shots which I am super excited for!! I will post pictures when we get them!!

For now I will leave you with their 1 MONTH photos!! I can not believe its already been 1 month!!

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