Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A confession...

I have a confession...I have a new obsession to tell you about...I've had this new obsession for a few weeks now.

Are you ready for it...

I've become a couponer... A real live couponer.  Not a hoarder but a Ihavetwinsandhavetofeedafamily couponer.

I'll admit I've been watching Extreme Couponing on TLC, and I am hooked, now I'm not going to be buying 100 bags of cat treats even if I don't have a cat but I fully intend on stockpiling items that my family uses often.  Such examples pasta,sauce,juice, anything that can be put into my pantry along with all personal hygiene items (body wash,deoderant,shampoo & conditioner).  I took a class a month or so ago from Queen Bee Coupons.  She is amazing, she quit her job to be a stay at home mom and had to cut their budget by 60%, so for every 1.00 that she was going to spend, she needed to cut .60 cents off of that.  She is also so friendly and humble, she doesn't clear the shelves at the grocery store and she is realistic, her motto is "Think meals, not deals" which is perfect.

Anyways wanna see my free crap!!

Sorry for the crappy quality, they are off my phone.

Picture 1: I purchased 30 bottles of laundry detergent at .99 a bottle, they were on sale for 1.99 and I had a 1.00 off coupon =.99 (STOCKUP)

Picture 2: All my hubby's hygiene items, all with coupons (some Buy 1 get One free, some 1.00 off some 2.00 off) paired with sales at Target made all of this about 10ish dollars.

Picture 3: My favorite, all of this was free after manufacture's coupons and doubler coupons!! Actually the pasta was on sale 10/10 dollars so after my 1.00 off coupon it was totally free.

This is now like a game to me.  I walk in, I get what I'm looking for only, no more wandering around target (as sad as that is) I go up to the register, get rang up, hand coupons over and boom save $$$!!

My fun trip was Target when my total was $43.61 before coupons and I paid on $15.46!!

Anyways, I am sure I will be doing more posts on coupons once I really get this stuff down!


Megan said...

You are doing great!! I love coupons and saving money!!

But how are you able to buy 30....meaning you have 30 coupons? What do you do or what service do you use to get extra coupons?? can you let me know? I know you can "order" coupons online, but can you do that after a sale starts and still get them in time? Or do you buy several newspapers, or what?

Brittany said...

Megan, I actually use, I also have purchased coupons on ebay. I am new to all of this as well so I am learning and will be sharing all my tips, in the meantime, there are several couponing websites you can check out which help match coupons/sales to get the best deal.

Valerie said...

Can you answer Megan's question? Did you actually have 30 coupons for Purex in order to get all 30 at .99 a piece?

I think its amazing but I'm so confused..


Brittany said...

O Sorry, Yes I did physically have 30 coupons, I personally get 3 Sunday Papers, After I saw this deal on, I ordered more coupons off of, they arrived within four days, this particular sale went for 3 weeks. So I had plenty of time to order extra coupons.