Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Where Does the Time go...Can someone help me find it...

Of course it being the week of the twins 1st birthday I find myself looking at pictures of the last 12 months, and the few crazy days leading up to their early arrival. 

I found this picture, May 10th or 11th, 2010! Can you tell I was so DONE being pregnant, I had been having constant contractions for 8 weeks, been in bed, and been pumped full of mag and steroids so the twins would have a better shot at health outside of the womb.

I cannot even remember being this big now, how crazy. I look so tired and sore, I have this pic as a bare belly too but I'll spare you because it actually makes my stomach hurt looking at it, I can't believe I got that HUGE and still didn't get a stretchmark...(yeah you can hate me now, sorry).  The lovely iv line that had to be changed 4 times, the exhaustion of a soon to be twin mama, its alot crazy to look back on now and remember that its all part of my story. 

I have a post in the works for what I have learned in my 12 months of MoMmyhood! Also a few posts on our NICU stay because I don't want to forget it all and soon I'm afraid it will find its way into the distant past that I can't recall.  Along with of course a birthday post and pictures, O which makes me think I may need to go buy a new memory card just so I can take a ton of pictures.

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