Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seriously Thursday!

This Thursday I am linking up at  From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously Thursday because well seriously its the cool thing to do, just read her blog and you will understand.

1.  Seriously... My "baby" sister graduates this Sunday from Linfield College in Oregon...shes like crazy smart and already has her "big girl" job lined up, shes an accounting and math major...I'm seriously proud of her.

2.  Seriously...I'm ready for some summer weather, I am so sick of rain/sun/rain/rain/sun, I mean come on mother nature make up your mind already.

3.  Seriously...Couponing is so amazing...just saying

4.  Seriously...I wish this chest cough/cold of mine would vacate my lungs and move along.

5.  Seriously...Walgreens totally screwed with my medication this month... I'm mad at them now..I mean how hard is it, I get this same shot every month and on the 5th month they screw up...seriously.

6.   Seriously...This is fun...Seriously.

7.  Seriously..I acutally feel kind of bad for Teresa from Jersey Housewives, I feel like Bravo brought her family in to bring the drama, I mean I know its for ratings but it's just not as funny when its family and not just a random lady down the street.

8.  Seriously..I'm sad that Grey's Anatomy is over for the season...actually I'm sad that all my usual Thursday night shows are over for the season...I guess I'm glad for Bravo.

Ok folks I think thats all for today, if I think of anything else I'll be sure to let you know.  If you want to join this link up head over to From Mrs. to Mama.


Jennifer said...

I think couponing is amazing as well :)

the workaholic momma said...

thanks so much for stopping by and leaving some love!!!

I am seriously going to miss Grey's and Private Practice(not sure if u watch that one to) on Thursday nights - i LOVE those shows!!

Hope you're having a great week!!