Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'm Featured!

Today I am featured over at Multiples & More, Multiples & More is a great community full of MoM (moms of multiples).  It is how I found many of the multiples blogs that I follow.  These women are a great resource to a young mom of twins like myself. 

If you are visiting from Multiples and More or Toddle Along Tuesday, let me know.  If you decide to follow me (hint, hint), please let me know so I can follow you back, I am always looking for great blogs to follow.


Katrina said...

I am always asked, "Are any of them twins?"
Because I have nine children.
You'd think that I'd get a 2'fer in the bunch, but nope. All singles.
I think having twins would be wonderful - but hard!
Nine kids isn't all that hard because I got them all ONE at a time!
Having two the same exact age and going through the same age....
now, that's hard!
But wonderful, I bet!

I'm visiting (and following!) from the Toddler blog hop.

They All Call Me Mom

Deb said...

I read your blog on MOM and I'm so happy to find another blog with young multiples like us!

Jill said...

Great blog! following you from Multiples and more!

lifeasdescribed said...

Hi! Saw your post over on MoM. I have b/g twins about the same age (almost 16 months). I'm glad you were able to get some answers with regards to your health and finally get pregnant with your kids. We also went through IVF and I was on bedrest too. Your little ones are too cute - love their names. Look forward to following you!


Ashlee said...

Just read your great post on Multiples and more, then found your blog on the blogroll! I love your blog. New follower!

Alicia said...

randomly stumbled on your blog. i'm a mommy of twin boys {almost} 15 months. look forward to reading more of your blog.