Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously Thursday

It's Thursday guys!! Which means my weekend starts in 3.5 hours!! I'm linking up with Becky for her Seriously Thursday and you should too!!

So what made me go SERIOUSLY this week...

1. I'm sure this is on everyone's list but RHONY reunion part 1, I couldn't turn my head away from the drama of that reunion but SERIOUSLY I couldn't understand what any one of them was saying, they just talked right over the other, no one made any vaid points and it just seems to get worse with every season.  I mean Kelly, I think she is just plain crazy. Ramona is a giant hypocit, LuAnn is a concited B**** who talks down to everyone on that show, and poor Alex and her red face every time she speaks her mind.  Sonia seems to just get over everything in a matter of seconds and Cindy pretty much stayed quiet until the end where I just lost respect for all of them, not that I gave them much respect in the first place but I thought I liked Cindy, I mean she's a mom of twin girls after all.

2.  As to keep on the Reality TV mode, RHOBH is coming back and it looks worse then this years RHONY or RHONJ together so well I'm a little excited.

3.  I'm over the death of Amy Winehouse, is ANYONE surprised that she died, I mean really, it is sad, she did have talent.  But she was an addict through and through who didn't want to change.  The entertainment world keeps going on and on about it but maybe instead of letting this make the news they should put their attention to the problem and use their audiences of millions to get the word out on addiction and try and help people.

4.  Work is busy like SERIOUSLY busy and I am tired so this is all you get for today but check back tomorrow for something VERY EXCITING!!!


Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

OHH YESSS I did not know BH was back in action...YESSS! I need some more drama in my life!! With no Danielle Staub NJ is lacking a little haha! Thankfully Melissa is annoying enough! I am not a huge follower of NY because I stopped when Bethany was off because well SHE'S THE BEST! But anyways I need to watch the reunion it sounds juicy!!

Shelley said...

I totally agree about Amy Winehouse!!

Kirby and Anna said...

Okay, I just stopped over from "From Mrs. to Mama" and love your guest post! I'm not a Mama yet, but we are trying soon. The 10 month picture of your cuties was ADORABLE!! Oh, and I'm a new follower :)

Kristin said...

found you through the link up...couldn't agree more about the RHONY! LuAnn drives me crazy with her conceitedness...did you know she apparently has an iphone app now?

Growing Baby Shelton said...

I also agree with the Amy Winehouse news! And I can TOTALLY, 100% relate to how you feel about work. TGIF!!!