Monday, July 18, 2011

Now That They are Walking...

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I realize that I haven't done as great of a job in documenting the babies milestones and big things that they are doing.  I usually can go back and find what they did on Facebook via a status update and write it in.  But here are some things that they are doing in July!

-Walking 95% of the time, hardly any crawling for this boy anymore
-Says: sit, car, ball, vroom, beep beep, buh bye, t for toes, dog, daddy, mama
-Eats everything that we do but is picky some days
-Loves water, juice and milk
-Loves bath time
-Hates Grass
-Loves his grandpas
-Sleeps from 7-7
-Still at 2 naps a day most days, sometimes they only want to take 1 though

P.S. They turned 14 months on the 13th, but these are the best pics be it a few days early!

-Walking 60% of the time, it's still faster for her to crawl
-Says: dog, car, ball, mama, dada (her vocabulary is not as advanced as her brother yet but she's catching up)
-Eats everything we do, loves all food all the time
-Loves water, juice and her soy millk
-Loves bath time
-Loves playing outside
-Loves anyone who will play with her
-Sleeps from 7-7
-Takes 2 naps most days, rarely only takes 1.
-Mama's girl

They are doing different things daily it feels like, I will leave in the morning for work and by the time I come home they have learned something new!  But as you can tell they do a lot of the same things

I'm not sure what they are weighing these days or how tall they are but we will find out at their 15 month well baby check-up.

I have loved every stage with them, they were never particularly hard babies really, they rarely cried and only if something needed done.  We have been blessed beyond measures with these two and we wouldn't have it any other way!


championm2000 said...

Such a fun age! My babies are a month younger than Ava and Landon, and I tell my husband every day how much this age is my new favorite.

JoenJen said...

Brings back great memories... Our twin boys walked at 10 months...yipes! Then our daughter waited until 18 mos. to walk...she waited until she could do it perfectly before attempting. Going from zero to any number of kids is a huge adjustment, and twins can be especially exhausting at first. Sounds like you guys are doing great!

Corinne said...

Adorable! Following along from TAT

Raven said...

Adorable. Just too darn cute those two. Cant wait to snuggle my little twin nieces in a few months!

About A Mom said...

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Sacha....xoxo said...

Aww they are so gorgeous twin... And they has a lovely names... I'm your new 80th follower :-) x

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Have a lovely day, much loves

Sacha x