Friday, June 17, 2011

Is There Such a Thing as "Having it all"

I'm struggling with this right now.  I'm struggling to be 100% at home, 100% with my kids and 100% at work.  Somethings gotta give and I know it can't be any of these, problem is, home is involved in my work.  I work for my father in law, while this is really nice and flexible it also makes it so I can not dissapoint.  It's not like I can go home and be away from my boss for the weekend, we are at his house playing with the kids, having dinner together and being a family.  We have always done a good job of keeping home out of work and work out of home, but my type A personality wants to always be perfect at my job, at motherhood and at keeping a home. 

A typical work day for me is getting up at 6:30, getting myself ready,getting the kids out of bed and changed/dressed for the day.  We are lucky that the grandma's watch the babies while I'm away at work, but I can't ask them to do my housework (my mother in law does sometimes anyways).  I'm off to work by 7:30 while hubby watches them until the grandma of the day comes over and he leaves for work.  I work work work all day long until 5 when I rush home to babies that are starting to get hungry, make dinner, play for a few minutes, we eat and they go to bed.  They have always been early to bed babies, they go to sleep around 7 and wake up at 7.  This works for us...well kind of, because that means on days that I work I spend approximately 2.5 hours with my babies....I spend more time with my work family which makes me sad.

I know that I am lucky to work 3 days a week (the other 2, I work from home on projects) and I am lucky that my father in law allows this.  But lately co-workers have been asking me if I will be adding another day anytime answer...I don't wanna talk about it...Now my father-in-law/boss has said nothing to me, I think our schedule works, I accomplish what I need to accomplish and I get to spend some time during these precious first years.  These co-workers don't have kids so it is very hard to have them try and understand my being torn by their question. 

My question is how can you have it all?  Is there a secret that I haven't figured out yet?  Or is it just something that I will learn with more time? 

Thank you for listening to my rambling post that is my brain right now....and as a reward, here's a picture of some cute babies....(I may or may not be partial)


Kristin said...

They are def some cute babies! What do you do?

Brittany said...

I work for my father in laws periodontal practice doing all pr/marketing and continued education courses twice a year for 300+ people. I'm also in charge of maintaining our website and all social media. Add in everything that nobody else wants to do and it turns into a lot.

Lindsey B said...

I think you have to give in some areas - you can't do it all. For us, that means a maid and taking our dogs to doggie daycare 2 days a week so that they are tired and we can avoid a long walk after a long day at work!

I felt bad for a while that I was only working part time (3 days a week)and couldn't keep my house perfect. But, I quickly realized that taking care of Kate, and enjoying her, was more important than spending hours cleaning!

I'm sorry you are feeling pulled thin - it happens to everyone and is such a blah feeling.

the workaholic momma said...

I can totally relate to everything. I want to have it all and be it all but working full time means I miss alot of precious time with my Addie. I wish I had an answer...but if you find share!!!

Nesha said...

Sounds like you're a great mom, employee, and wife. I think you are being to hard on yourself, which we probably all are at times. The people at your job will not be able to relate if they have no children. I wouldn't let what they say get to you. As long as you are taking care of all your responsibilities! Sounds like you need a break (I know it's not that simple :o)

Mama G said...

I can definitely relate, Momma. I just went back to work full time last week and I feel like I don't have time for anything. I don't get how we're supposed to do it all. I hope someone can share their secret.

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