Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Re-cap

This weekend we headed to the Eastern side of our state to celebrate my cousin's little girl's 3rd Birthday.  Now after our fiasco over Memorial Day weekend with the twins in a hotel room, I was a little hesitant of how they would fare at my Grandma's, but luckily they did great this time around.  We decided to only spend 1 night so we wouldn't be pushing our luck with the twins.  We left Saturday morning after Hub's passed his insurance test! YAY! We played, ate cake, and partied...ok well it was a 3 year old's party, so imagine lots of toys and Tangled playing in the backound type of partying.

The weather was GORGEOUS, the sun in Eastern Washington is so different then over here in the PNW, its dry, so you don't end up all sticky! The twins played in the kiddie pool and we spent time enjoying the sunshine.

My Grandma always spoils us with great homemade food while we visit, hubs loves it. Saturday night we just relaxed and then Sunday morning we headed down to the local fruit stand to grab fresh asparagus and then headed home.  It was a fun quick visit and we can't wait to head back over soon!

That sums up last weekend.  I have our Memorial Day weekend re-cap but there are way more pics for that one, so I will save that for later.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!!


Andrea said...

That sounds like my type of party!! Well now as days anyways! :) glad you all had a ball! Hope you week is great! Take care!

Mama G said...

LOVE the naked baby photos!