Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seriously Thursday

It's my favorite day of the week again Seriously Thursday over at From Mrs. to Mama.  Well really it's my Friday since I'm off tomorrow~ hence why it's my favorite day of the week!

Here are some things that made me go Seriously...
1.  Seriously... My Pandora station turned on Christmas music, which means it's reading my mind, which then creeps me out, I admit it....I've already started thinking about Christmas {Hangs head in shame}

2.  Seriously...Real Housewives of Orange County this week was crazy, Tamra drives me nuts.  She is such a little brat for lack of a better word.  She goes all crazy of Jeanna, which I know she deserved a little, but then after the fact she totally embellished the fact that Jeanna was going to throw her in the pool... Such drama yet I can't stop watching...what does that make me??

3.  Seriously... I'm about ready to hire a housekeeper, I just can't seem to keep up with my housework lately, it seems as soon as I clean, everything just get crazy and messy again.  Is it bad that I can't wait until my kids are old enough so I can sit on a couch and direct them around...Just kidding...maybe.  I've got to convince the hub's on that one.  ;)

4.  Seriously...I'm so excited that we are finally getting some nice weather, maybe I can get a tan..HA...I don't tan, I can't I think its a disease or something, it took me like 6 months to get maybe 6 shades darker for my wedding.  But I'm just excited to finally be able to get the kids outside and take walks!!

5.  Seriously...I forgot this one, which I don't know how that happened...But really all I have to say about this is usually Kim has is on point with her fashion choices so what the heck was this...Seriously Kim...Seriously.

Well thats really all I can think of for today, that might be a good indication that I have had an ok week! Alright well I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


CinfulCinnamon said...

Oh Lawdy...what WAS she thinking with that outfit? I used to watch the HW of Beverly Hills, but got away from it. And you SHOULD be ashamed to be thinking about Christmas already...LOL

New follower from Seriously Thursday.

Allie @ Table for 3, Actually Make that 4 said...

Haha to all of the, could I forget Kim on my post! I died last night when I saw her in that on, really Kim come on! At least shes sporting a huge diamond haha

Sarah B said...

Thanks for visiting my page! As soon as GFC seems to be working again, I'll be back to follow you too! Your twinners are so cute! :)