Monday, September 12, 2011

The Family Pictures That Almost Weren't

A couple of weeks ago we had our wonderful photographer Kristina take our family photos.  I had the bright idea of having a beachy family picture, I always see them and LOVE them.  So I googled for the best location and finally settled on Fort Worden, just google it and you'll see why I chose it.  It had a lighthouse, a sandy beach and blue water.  It had been in the mid to high 80's inland so I figured at worst it would be 70-75 at the coast, boy I was SO wrong.  We got there and it was windy, SO WINDY and COLD! Kristina is a trooper and bless her heart was so patient with us trying to get the twins happy enough to get a few photos. 

So we went as fast as we could and got some family pictures and then a few of Ava and Landon.  They were so cold their teeth were chattering (cue mommy guilt).  I had such idealic thoughts of beautiful sandy beachy pictures and it was anything but.  We would put the twins in the car to warm up and then bribe them with animal crackers. 

Kristina ended up with some amazing shots as usually and it was not a total loss as I thought it was going to be.  This is why Kristina is and always will be our family photographer and good friend! We may try Fort Worden again some day you know when its actually warm and sunny and isn't windy.

Here are some of my favorite shots she got that day!

And I don't know if any of you live in the PNW but if you do go here and check out Kristina's work, she is pretty much A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


Sarah said...

Especially love the last one! Great pics!

Nurse Loves Farmer

H said...

These turned out just great! I love that she got a few of the two of you too. That last one of you guys with the pretty building in the background is really nice! :)


Andrea said...

Wow!! Super sweet pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

Baby Mama said...

What beautiful pictures!