Tuesday, September 20, 2011



A few weeks back I posted on twitter about needing to try something new for my beauty regime.  Not 10 minutes later Sonja had tweeted me back about Mary Kay products that she had just started selling.  Now I had never tried Mary Kay, been to a Mary Kay party or really paid much attention to their product line.  I was mainly having issues with my skin deciding it was in high school after giving birth to the twinsies.  I was having issues with breakouts ::Shudder::.  She suggested trying the Velocity line, I decided what the heck, the product cost less then half of what I had been trying so whats to loose. 


I love this stuff, my skin is in such better condition now thanks to it.  I am officially a convert and plan on slowly replacing my stuff with Mary Kay products.  And to think if I hadn't tweeted I would have never known.  I plan on transitioning to the TimeWise

Well Sonja gave me the option of hosting a Mary Kay Webshow Party! and who doesn't love a good party...right!  So Today ONLY I am hosting a web party for Mary Kay! I am so excited!

Not only do their products rock, they help out some great causes including Breast Cancer which is near and dear to my heart as my mom, aunt and several extended family members have beat this nasty disease. 

Now head over here to place an order, remember you only have until MIDNIGHT tonight!  Also remember to put my name "Brittany" in the order form!!


RAY J said...

LOVE their products!

I thought it was for older women until an old high school friend told me she was selling it and invited me to one of her parties. I needed extra income at the time too so I signed up shortly after really enjoying my time at the party. I was only a consultant for about 6 months (just wasn't my thing) but I still use the products and nothing else, it's that good! Plus the company and what it stands for is just great in general for women!

I use the Timewise stuff and have really liked it as well as their mineral foundation and other make-up and beauty products.

Highly recommend it!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I love mary kay!