Friday, September 16, 2011

So I Found This Great Deal + a bunch of other stuff

I found this great deal on Living Social last week which consists of two people cleaning my house for 3 hours.  Great right, until I started thinking about how I kind of need to clean before I can have people clean my house??  I mean I didn't hire someone to put away laundry or do dishes.... so I don't think I thought this through, however, I will have a clean house someday because it has an expiration date and I WILL use it.

Now I just have to decide where to start, I kind of think I need to turn it into a purgeabunchofjunk I have collected since moving into our house 3+ years ago.  Since we have no plans this weekend I think I will try to start and tackle this house.  But I am super excited about someone else coming and doing some deep cleaning which is badly needed around here, I mean I could count the times I have "deep cleaned" this house since we brought the twins home from the hospital on two hands.  It's shameful really.

Onto another topic, my precious little 16 month old baby toddler Landon, learned how to climb out of his crib the other day, thanks to twitter I was able to post the question and within minutes had a bunch of suggestions.  I ended up choosing to put his mattress on the floor of his crib which should buy me a few months...I hope.  I'm now just waiting for Ava to try the same thing. 

The twins are now 16 months old, in fact I kind of forgot until yesterday that they officially were 16 months old now, I guess the days sometimes run together when I'm busy.  They get busier by the day it seems and I just can't believe how quickly the time goes.  Which reminds me I need to schedule their 18 month appointment.  I have a 16 month post in the works, I just have to get some cute pictures first.

I am looking forward to fall, I think I actually need to turn the heat on in the house today because I'm freezing! I mean we really only had a week or two of summer here in the PNW but I love fall, especially here in the PNW, it means fall clothes and sweaters and cute boots and falling leaves.  I can't wait to take the twins to the pumpkin patch and paint or carve pumpkins, dress them up in their Halloween costumes and go trick or treating.  I can't wait for my birthday which falls in October.  I can't wait for Thanksgiving because it is probably my favorite holiday which is then followed by fun shopping on Black Friday and then that means it is CHRISTMAS! Can you tell I'm excited!

Ok guys! Hope you all have a great weeked, I'm off to clean my closet, if you haven't heard from me by next week, send a rescue crew (just kidding...kind of)!

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Miss Megan said...

See, I feel exactly the same way! I would have to clean before a cleaner could come! Then what good is that!? Getting out of the deep cleaing will be nice though...that's my least favorite part!
Ooh, the pumpkin patch will be so much fun! And Thanksgiving? And Black Friday? FUN stuff is coming!

Andrea said...

This post just got me giggly excited too!! Bring on the pumpkin patch and everything great after that!! Too much fun!! Have a great weekend!! Try not to spend it all cleaning! ;-)

RAY J said...

LOL that reminded me of when I was a kid, my childhood best friend, her mom had a cleaning lady come to the house to clean once a week... but on that day my friend and I couldn't play until she cleaned all her toys up! LOL... we never did understand why we had to clean for the cleaning lady, lol...