Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seriously Thursday

Hey guys! It's Seriously Thursday over at From Mrs. to Mama, I've missed a couple of weeks but this week I definitely had some things that made me go seriously this week.

1.  Seriously my babies toddlers decided they were too cool for 2 naps any longer, they had been 2 naps a day type of toddlers for a long time and it was blissfull but I guess all good things come to and end so we are trying to figure out what works best for our new schedule.

2.  Teen Mom reunion/therapy session, seriously Farrah drives me insane, like when she decided right then that she wanted to take her daughter with her, wishy washy much Farrah, I mean it's bad enough that you were going to leave your daughter with your parents which I guess I can kind of comprehend on her end since she is still I think way too immature to raise her daughter 24/7 on her own but come on.  She is a spoiled little brat who really hasn't changed much from the beginning of the show. ::end rant::

3.  Seriously I am actually ready for fall weather and pumpkins and hay rides and fall colors.  I love fall and we are now having nice weather (mid 70's) which never really made an appearance this summer but is now...weird.  Plus October is my birthday month so that may have something to do with it all!

4.  Seriously I finally sat down and scheduled the twins 18 month (HOLY CRAP 18 MONTHS) appt for November, scheduled the dog for a grooming appointment and scheduled for house cleaners to come do some down and dirty cleaning, I had been meaning to do all of thee above for awhile but finally got around to it.

5.  Seriously I work with all women...enough's been one of "those" weeks over here people.

6.  Seriously ready for the weekend and Grey's Anatomy is on tonight so YAY!

Ok so what made you go SERIOUSLY this week!! Come on you know you wanna tell us.


Ashley said...

Working with all girls is definitely tough. Ocean and Ever never really took two naps so being able to have them take one nap in the middle of the day that they actually take for more than 30 minutes has been heaven!!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I can totally relate to the 2 naps. I cant even get this post!

Anna & Kirby said...

haha, I am on the same page with you on the Teen Mom rant and working with all women! hah!